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Everyone deserves to feel good inside their home.

Creating beautiful, functional areas that inspire happiness - and actually work for your family - is my specialty.


The key to feeling really good in your home, is making it truly yours. Interior design consultation covers things like pairing color and fabric samples, selecting furniture, wall coverings and window treatments, as well as space design. Let’s make this house your home!


With 3-d imaging for interior finishes, space planning and architectural design on CAD, and blue prints to illustrate concepts, we will create a plan to maximize the space you have and customize your area to your family’s needs. Let’s make the most out of the space you have.


Coordinating bigger projects can be overwhelming. Let me manage the job for you, from design to installation. Not only will I help you create the vision for the space, I’ll manage the coordination of general contractors and ordering/delivery of materials and finishings,


I’m Erin Woodall

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Erin Woodall - Interior Design, Space Planning, and Project Management in Kansas City

Erin Woodall - Interior Design, Space Planning, and Project Management in Kansas City


I believe all dreams start with a blank canvas.

I’m helping families create spaces that make them feel happy, stress free, proud of what they’ve accomplished, and most of all, at home.

When I was nine, my family bought a house in Russell, Kansas. I remember it was a huge house and over 100 years old. It was all limestone, with meathooks installed outside and the insulation was made of horse hair.

Others may have looked at it and seen a dump, but not my mother. She inspired my creativity and drive. I steamed off wallpaper with vinegar and hot water, carried away loads of drywall, watched sanders turn the old wooden floor into something rich and beautiful.

At nine years old, I had no idea how much I would learn and love. Those walls became our home after a year of hard work.

Some see outdated - I see the potential to make it yours.

Erin listened, offered advice, provided us samples, and helped us pull together ideas throughout our entire home. Erin’s enthusiasm and passion has helped us create beautiful, cozy rooms.

Erin continues to be conscientious of our budget, she absolutely amazes me with the great quality of items she finds. She truly understands us, we tell her all the time “WOW, we love it!”.
— Deanna M.
Bathroom Remodel - Interior Design Project Management in Kansas City

Bathroom Remodel - Interior Design Project Management in Kansas City

Space Planning - Interior Design Services in Kansas City

Space Planning - Interior Design Services in Kansas City

I have enjoyed working with Erin on our master bathroom remodel. She’s been professional and has shown me lots of great, realistic options when I couldn’t decide.

She’s guided and supported my choices with my budget and wishes in mind. She is so easy to work with. Thank you, Erin!
— Michelle W.

Our goal together is to maximize your space, without compromising aesthetics.

We work together to create a vision, timeline, and budget that is right for your family. From managing your project to creating 3-d models of your new space, I want to make sure you know what to expect, spend, and how we will bring your vision to life.

Contact me and let’s talk about what you really want from your space and how we can make it happen.


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